Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Internships are an integral part of Energy Plant’s community outreach. We appreciate the value of good education and are committed to supporting it.

Energy Plant in conjunction with the Butte College Job Placement & Cooperative Education Office is pleased to announce internship opportunities with an emphasis on studio recording and mixing experience.

For more information about our other internship and volunteer opportunities please visit the Internship and Volunteer FAQ.

The Process

Internship vacancies may be looked up by contacting the Butte Job Placement office, or by contacting Energy Plant for inquiries.

Provided the candidate meets all Butte College criteria the student will be interview with an Energy Plant internship coordinator to establish their suitability for the position.

The Butte College Job Office will provide interns with a work experience packet and instructions on time tracking.

At the end of each semester interns will be receive a performance evaluation from Energy Plant and the Butte College Recording Arts Coordinator.

Academic Credit

Internship positions are for academic credit with each unit being assigned to a learning module.

i.e. audio theory, recording and mixing.

A student may take up to three units and have them counted towards their academic program.

Contact Details

Butte College Job Placement & Cooperative Education Office
Tel:(530) 895-2334

Energy Plant Inc.
Tel: (530) 520-2812