Friends of Energy Plant

Past Clients

These are some of our past clients. We are also the first to admit that this list has grown and needs to be updated.


These are some of the donors that have chosen to be mentioned

  • Khaled Al Jeeran
  • Robert Brockman
  • Jeffrey West
  • Nasser Qabazard
  • Yun Jin Carson
  • Blag Ivanov

Recording Scholarship Contributors

Energy Plant would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the Energy Plant Recording Scholarship.

  • Alex Brown
  • Kevin Brightling
  • Meagan Yates
  • Furlough Fridays
  • Esther Gallagher
  • Josh Hegg
  • Raheeq Al Zaidan
  • Calley Smith
  • Williston Hayes
  • Alan smith
  • Ian Carpenter
  • John Forristel
  • Armando Cerna