Facility and Inventory


Energy Plant has been designed to offer the benefits of high end studio engineering and design, in a facility that is compatible with local independent musicians and artists. The end result is a space that looks, feels and plays the part of a dedicated music and art space. Each room’s color palette gives off a relaxing earthy aesthetic that matches our goal to provide a clean looking and sounding space.

Live Room

Able to fit an entire band or gallery event the Live Room takes advantage of its high drop ceiling and treated walls to deliver a controlled sound and space. With a suspension system that easily adjusted to hold acoustic absorption panels or artwork.

Isolation Room

The Isolation Room is large enough to host vocalists or drum kits while providing a tighter sound. With two windows looking into the live room artists can enjoy eye contact and visual cues allowing musicians to benefit from a live tracking situation with additional acoustic separation.

Media Room

The Media Room provides additional workspace, seating and serves as an air chamber that traps sound trying to reach the control room. The light blue color scheme creates a calm environment for guests to relax in while enjoying a view to the live room. The Media Room can also be used as an additional vocal booth.

Control Room

The control room sits on the upper floor of the studio and overlooks the Live Room through a thick studio window. The design incorporates a parabolic wall designed to channel reflections into a treated rear wall that features a custom designed quadratic diffuser. The room sits on a floated floor and is surrounded by non parallel walls. These elements combine to produce a tuned atmosphere that allows for a precise mix.

Live Sound

  • Mackie CFX 20 Mixer
  • Mackie VLZ 1402 Mixer
  • Cerwin Vega CV 1800 Amplfier
  • Cerwin Vega CV 2800 Amplifier
  • Numark Dimension 3 Amplifier
  • DBX 234xs Crossover
  • JBL JRX 100 Mains
  • JBL MPro 215 Mains
  • JBL JRX 112m Stage Monitors
  • Cerwin Vega Cvi218s Subwoofer
  • Stage Risers


  • TAMA Superstar 5 piece drumset
  • Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
  • Peavey XXX heads and XXX cabinet
  • Marshall 60’s vintage cabinet
  • Axiom 61 Key MIDI Keyboard
  • Alesis QS8.2 Synthesizer
  • Hercules DJ Control Steel Controller


  • Ramsa WR-T820B Analogue Recording Console
  • Presonus Firestudio Project AD/DA Converters
  • Presonus Two Channel BlueTube
  • M-Audio DMP 3 Tube Pre
  • Custom Studio Monitor Speakers
  • M Audio BX5 Monitor Speakers
  • ART Head Amp Pro 6
  • Alesis RA 500 Amplfier
  • Furman P-8 Pro Series II Power Conditioner
  • CyberPower 900 Watt Pure Sine Wave UPS
  • A Selection of Superlux Monitor Headphones
  • Mac OS X 10.8.3
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Waves Mercury Bundle
  • Mogami Cables


  • Bluebird Lg. Diaphragm Cardioid (2)
  • Shure SM 7 (1)
  • Shure SM 57 (7)
  • Shure SM 58 (1)
  • AKG D112 (1)
  • AKG 421 (1)
  • Audio Technica AT2020 (1)
  • Senheisser e845s (2)
  • CAD KM212 (1)
  • CAD TM211 (3)
  • CAD SN210 (1)
  • CAD CM217 (2)