Board of Directors Volunteers

Director of Operations: Robert Brockman

bo-bio_border_webMusic I listened to at 13: The Fugees. And Bjork!

Weapon of Choice:  A mic and a great preamp – beauty!

Experience: I began creating my own embarrassingly bad electronic compositions in PlayerPro, during the era of the PowerPC. For the past 11 years I’ have composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered my own music and others’ – hip hop, singer/songwriters, spoken word, and more recently full bands from jazz to grunge rock. At EP I am the resident vocal expert – my passion is for eliciting the finest performance from a vocal take, through each stage of the process.

Why EP?: At the risk of repeating our mission statement, I want Chico’s rich musical community to see its needs met.

Director of Programs and Development: YJ Carson, MSW

YJ bioMusic I listened to at 13: Amy Grant, Huey Lewis and the News

Weapon of choice: Keytar, Ocarina

Experience: I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Chico in 2004 in General Music with focus on Piano Performance with a certification in Piano Pedagogy under my mentors Dr. Robert Bowman, PhD, and Dr. John Milbauer, PhD. Also from CSU, Chico, I completed my minor in Multicultural and Gender Studies in 2006, and went on to complete my Masters in Social Work in 2010. I have been a piano teacher for 17 years, and have worked with non-profits for 10+ years.

Why EP?: I choose to spend my time with EP because I care about the local music community, and the live room makes my music sound amazing.The people who spend time here, from musicians to staff to volunteers, inspire me with their hard work, creativity, and care.

Chief Financial Officer: Nasser Qabazard

Music I listened to at 13: Korn, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nirvana

Weapon of Choice: Guitar, Vocals

Experience: Bachelors of Science in Financial Management and Sevices from CSU Chico. Studied under Professors Peter Straus and Richard Ponarul. During that time I took classes in musical theory, technology, and performance. I have played in bands and worked with audio equipment for over a decade.

Why EP?: Because I love it. It’s been a project I’ve worked on since it was conceived of as a seed. I’ve been a part of it from the initial steps of the idea and will always want to be a part of it’s growth. The team is fantastic, what we’ve built is born of goodness, and I hope that we can share that with other people and continue to see this idea grow.