Hello Everyone!

My name is Blag Ivanov, an audio engineer and producer at Energy Plant.

I thought it would be a good idea to start keeping track and providing some kind of commentary to the work that we do. The last 24 hours have seen us open our doors after a lengthy month renovations and upgrades. In this last month we have demolished ducting, cut lots of wood, drill lots of holes, move lots of things, you get the idea. In that time we also provided our mixing ears for the Music for Music Festival and had a chance to work with lots of awesome bands and a great audience. One of the best things in life is seeing a room full of people enjoy their live music.

Back to the present!

Thursday and Friday will see us wrap up the drum tracking for Sorin’s next song “Fuckstorm” thus making way for the rest of the band to come in and record their parts. To say the least it is a happy reunion to begin our quest for this next song, which is going to be truly epic! The day’s pace quickly picked up with a very impromptu purchase of two Bluebird Condenser microphones (pictured) in this case to use as room mics for the day’s drum tracking. By that point the earthquake only added spice to the day’s events.

The immediate future entails getting back to mixing Shrouded’s album as well tying in all the production we are putting on it. Luckily we are getting an organ soon, which should add the appropriate touch. I cannot make it this far in a post and not mention Strange Habits. We are still holding the course to writing and recording this epic album, currently more material is being prepared so that it can make friends with all the sexy drum parts we recorded.

And then guess what? We get to record the next Furlough Fridays album! How freakin’ cool is that? Personally I love grunge and getting the chance to record and mix a grunge album on the board that was one of the Subpop Records work horses is a cause for joy in my world.

Finally there is the Io Torus writing and pre-production phase that is on the horizon. Planning is the way to approach a Progressive Metal album and is a great ethic for a band to pursue and an effort that we will aid and consult.

With more work in the wings, summer bring it on!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates.